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The students at Aden Bowman were invited to participate in this year's YXE Nuit Blanche Celebration.


Here is our artist's statement for the project!


Every day dozens of students at our school, Aden Bowman Collegiate, make a trek to the stores across the street to buy drinks in Styrofoam cups (Polar Pops) as well as slices of Pizza that are packaged in Paper Boxes. Finding these one-use cups and boxes in the garbage cans around the school inspired our team to consider alternative uses for them.

We are interested in waste and are worried about it as well. We are curious about how our student population feels about the waste that they produce as part of their daily food consumption. We are unsure if our student body even understands the amount of waste they are producing each day when they choose slushies, pop and pizza as their foods of choice. We want to know if they are as concerned as we are. We plan to build a structure that will help students as well as the general public visualize the amount of waste that is produced through their daily use of one-use containers; in so doing, we hope our student body as well as the public will be able to see how much garbage they produce and perhaps, as a result even change some of their habits.